January 19, 2012

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President Obama’s January 19th fundraising extravaganza at New York’s famous Apollo theater, (tickets $100 to $5,000) and his $30,000/plate Harlem fundraising dinner in March of 2011, illustrate a profound disconnect between the President and poor and working class Blacks that constitute his core base of support.  A demonstration will be held across the street from the Apollo to call attention to the corruption of money in politics and the President’s allegiance to Wall Street, and not 125th St.

WHEN: Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 6:00 PM
WHERE: Across the street from the Apollo Theater, 253 West 125th Street
(Frederick Douglass Boulevard & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd)

The Central Harlem community with an annual median income of $26,000 wage daily struggles against massive unemployment, rising homelessness and ruthless gentrification decimating the local population. In the midst of this deepening depression, President Obama awarded ownership of Grant Public Housing Complex to Citigroup and pumped $500 million dollars into a charter school on the grounds of another public housing complex, and affordable housing for the poor is now on the chopping block.

Organizations involved: Occupy Harlem, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street Anti-War, Direct Action, and Trade Justice Working Groups; Harlem FightBack Against War at Home and Abroad, Black is Back Coalition, Occupy Wall Street Trade Justice, TradeJustice New York Metro, Occupy 4 Jobs, Bolivarian Circle Alberto Lovera NYC, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment, Queerocracy, World Can’t Wait and War Criminals Watch, and Nodutol for Korean Community Development

Occupy Wall Street is part of an international people powered movement fighting for economic justice in the face of neoliberal economic practices, the crimes of Wall Street, and a government controlled by monied interests. #OWS is the 99% organizing to end the tyranny of the 1%. 
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