Occutrip Boston: Mortgages Underwater Puppet Protest, Tiny-tenting, and OWS Panel


January 29, 2012


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Occutrip Boston: Mortgages Underwater Puppet Protest, Tiny-tenting, and OWS Panel

It’s five days in to the Occupy Bus Trip that left Brooklyn, NY on January 25th. Occupiers from Wall Street are currently visiting Occupy Boston on their 5-week long, movement-building trip that will touch base in several Northeastern cities including Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, and Newark.

Following a foreclosure auction that occupiers successfully stopped in NYC, Occutrip in Boston held an eviction defense training in preparation for their action on Monday afternoon.

On Monday at 12 PM, bring your flippers, goggles, and swimwear down to Boston’s financial district for a mortgages “underwater” rally with Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Boston, City Life/Vida Urbana, Chelsea Collaborative, and Mass Uniting.

“Thousands of families across America are underwater on their mortgages, meaning that they owe more on their homes than their house is worth. They can’t sell it. They can’t move to find new jobs. They can’t afford to send their kids to college. They are caught in an economic stranglehold by Wall Street. The banks, who we bailed out, have done nothing but betray us,” said Austin Guest.

To build awareness across the city about foreclosures, occupiers will place tiny tents around the city on Monday evening. “Tents represent shelter taken from families by Wall Street foreclosures. Tents have also become a symbol of resistance across the globe from Tahrir Square to Zucotti Park,” explained Sandy Nurse.

On Tuesday, their last day in Boston, Occutrip will participate in a panel about Occupy Wall Street at UMass Boston.

To follow the Occupy Bus Trip visit:

Underwater Mortgages Action: http://www.occupyboston.org/2012/01/27/january-30-march-underwater-mortgages/

Tumblr: http://owsbus.tumblr.com/

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