Occupy Earth Day Actions to Highlight the Corporate Led Destruction of the Planet

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Date: April 21st, 2012
Contact: Peter Rugh 419-905-3114


Occupy Earth Day Actions to Highlight the Corporate Led Destruction of the Planet

On Earth Day weekend, April 21st and 22nd, Occupy Wall Street activists will hold a series of vibrant rallies and creative acts of non-violent civil disobedience to demand an immediate end to the corporate-led destruction of the planet.

Saturday, April 21 – Melt-In @ Grand Central Terminal, Main Concourse, 3pm

Activists and bystanders will participate in a melt-in to highlight the need to end our dependence nuclear power. The melt-in will take place amidst an Earth Day event, where companies like ConEdison will boast their “green” credentials as they continue to supply NYers with energy from the dangerous and contested Indian Point nuclear plant. Greenwashing alert!

Sunday, April 22nd (Earth Day) –
Jazz Funeral March for the Earth, BP Gas Station, corner of Lafayette and Houston, 12pm

Occupy Earth Day will begin with a New Orleans-style jazz funeral march for the Gulf Coast, commemorating the 2 year anniversary of the BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill and the unprecedented death and destruction it unleashed on marine life and communities along the Gulf. The march will be lead by a marching band and will head toward Union Square.

Union Square Rally to Reclaim Earth Day, 1pm

A dynamic rally will take place on the South side of Union Square (14th St. and Union Square West) to reclaim Earth Day from corporate greenwashers and return it to it’s roots as a movement seeking genuine environmental solutions.
Speakers include: Helen Caldicott (co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility), Sean Sweeney (Director and founder of the Global Labor Institute at Cornell University), David Braun (co-founder of United for Action), Clare Donahue (co-founder of Sane Energy Project) and more. Step off and march to The Highline in the West Village, GaseVoort and West Street at 2pm.  ,

Protest the West Village Spectra Pipeline! The Highline @ Gansevoort & West Street, 2:30pm

The march continues from Union Square and ends at the Highline Park, the very spot of the proposed Spectra Pipeline, a fracked gas pipeline that the Spectra    Energy is proposing to build–ultimately pumping in the destructive fracked gas drilled in Pennsylvania into the homes of NYC residents.

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