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Workers across New York City are organizing “99 Picket Lines” building up to (and through) May 1st (May Day, International Workers Day). On May 1st New Yorkers will join a broad coalition of unions, immigrants rights groups, community- and faith-based organizations, worker centers, and the Occupy Wall Street movement in a mass mobilization against the economic, social, and political injustice wrought by the one percent.


Wednesday, April 25, 6-7 PM, Restaurant Opportunities Center at Capital Grille
(155 42nd Street, b/w 3rd Ave and Lexington)
Workers are protesting against Darden Corporation, the owner of Capital Grille restaurant, which has committed egregious wage and hour violations, sexual and racial discrimination, and has retaliated against workers who organize.

Thursday, April 26, 3:30 PM, New York Taxi Workers Alliance March & Protest
March from Queens Medallion Leasing (21-03 44th Ave in Long Island City) to SLS Jet then Midtown Garage (in Long Island City)
Taxi drivers are leading a sweatshop march and protest, demanding an end to rampant lease overcharges, and calling for the first fare raise in eight years to ensure taxi workers can earn a living wage and to create a Health and Wellness Fund for workers.

Wednesday May 2, 7 PM, Teamsters Local 814 
Sotheby’s Auction House (72nd and York)
Sotheby’s has kept its art handlers locked out of their jobs for over 8 months demanding wage and benefit cuts and the gradual elimination of their union.

The purpose of the 99 Picket Lines is to draw attention to the common struggles of workers across the city. Moises Cerezo, a line cook at the Capital Grille Chrysler Center, said that at his workplace “There is racial discrimination, wage theft, an abusive environment, retaliation for organizing, and more, and that’s why we fight; but we know that many other workers have a similar struggle against their bosses, against the 1%. That is why we not only have our campaign, but we will stand in solidarity with all workers on May Day.”

On May 1st, many more pickets will start from a convergence point at Bryant Park at 8am and target Chase Bank, Standard and Poor’s, The New York Times, ABC, Wells Fargo, Blackrock, Fidelity, and Lazard, among others.

The pickets began on April 18 led by the Laundry Workers Center at Hot and Crusty Pizza in the Upper East Side and April 20 when UAW Legal Services workers picketed the office of the wealthy chair of NYC Legal Services, Joe Genova who is spearheading the attacks on unionized workers.

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