Demonstration in Solidarity with the Quebec Student Strike


A Call From Future Generations Against Tyranny – Take The Streets!!!

A qui la rue? A nous la rue! – Who’s streets? Our streets!  
2pm:   Demonstration in Solidarity with the Quebec Student Strike
           Outside Quebec government offices, 1 Rockefeller Plaza
5pm:   Free University in solidarity with the Quebec Student Strike
           Washington Square Park
8pm:   March Against Repressive Anti-Protest Laws Worldwide
           Meet in Washington Square Park
Tuesday, May 22 marks the 100th day of the ongoing Quebec student strike,
one of the largest student mobilizations in history. Demonstrations against
the massive tuition hikes (which would increase tuition by 60% over five
years) have occurred daily since March 22nd across Quebec, with over
160,000 students on “infinite strike.”  Last Friday, the Quebec government
enacted a draconian emergency law (Bill 78) intended to break the strike.
The legislation in effect outlaws public assembly, imposes harsh fines for
strike activity and criminalizes protest, just as the struggle is gaining
in popular support and escalating to unprecedented levels. Many are
questioning the law’s constitutionality.
No More “Good Faith”
The government of Quebec has conceded the power of the students by
suspending the current semester, while the education minister has been
forced to resign amid the crisis. The Quebec Premier Jean Charest claims
that the government has negotiated in “good faith,” but the student unions
say that the government has refused to budge on the central issue: TUITION
HIKES. Students are fighting to maintain affordable, accessible higher
education for all the people of Quebec. The crisis has put into question
the political future of the Premiere’s Liberal Party and his own career.
Civil liberties in Quebec are being fundamentally undermined. “Good faith”
is dwindling between the people and the government.
We stand in solidarity with the Quebec student mobilizations and as well,
in defense of our right to assemble and protest. State repression exists
globally and it is unjustifiable. We will not stand by and watch our
already limited voices be silenced even more. The warnings and fear
mongering of new protest laws being enacted in Frankfurt, Chicago and
Montreal will not deter us. The new laws only prove that our mass
mobilizations are a threat to the powers that be. We will be heard. We will
take part in our own lives and not be pawns for the workings of capitalism.
Our rights are not given to us by governments but established by us. An
increase in the powers of the police and the state anywhere is an attack on
us everywhere.
We call on all students in New York to join us as we stand in solidarity
with the students of Quebec and their struggle. Their struggle is our own.
With students, we call on all workers and debtors of all walks to stand
with us in our right to assemble and dissent in our commons, against police
brutality and intimidation.
All we see is red!!
Organized by folks from Strike Everywhere and Occupy Wall Street