Financial District wedding to mark 3rd anniversary of Citizens United, infamous U.S. Supreme Ct case.


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Human and corporate “person” to unite in exuberant protest/celebration – “Get Money out of Politics”

New York—A Financial District wedding on Saturday, January 19, will mark the 3rd anniversary of Citizens United, the infamous 2010 US Supreme Court case. 

The event will creatively spotlight the impact of Citzens United — how elections and democracy are corroded with big money from rich people and corporations.  The wedding will join in (un)holy matrimony a real human being to a non-human corporate “person.”

At 3:30 PM the wedding party will gather at 60 Wall Street and then proceed to the steps of historic Federal Hall at Wall and Broad St. for the ceremony.   Officiating will be Rev. Billy accompanied by the Stop Shopping Choir.

Members of Occupy Wall Street and other civic-minded groups will be in attendance to cheer the perfect coupling.  Interlopers are also expected, to jeer and cry out, “Get money out of politics.”   Wall Streeters and the 1%, of course, cheered the Citizens United decision in 2010. 

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